Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Speed driver avoids disqualification

A woman driving over 64 mph in Bournemouth was able to avoid disqualification from driving today.

Ms Julie Fiona Bateman, 38, of Connaught Crescent, Parkstone pleaded guilty to speed driving, Bournemouth Magistrate’s Court heard today.

Prosecuting Paul Griffin said Ms Bateman was driving over 64 miles an hour on Wessex Way on January 15 at 6am.

Defending Justine Gayfors said Ms Bateman had exceptional hardship pointing that her father was very ill and she was transporting him. If she would be disqualified from driving, he would have grave problems being unable to walk on long distance.

Ms Bateman gave evidence trying to point out another problem. “I have a £28 000 debt that I am paying of working on two jobs. I’m also paying a fixed mortgage for my house in Southsea.’’
She also provided character references from both jobs.

District Judge (MC) Roger House said: “I want you to know that neither your debt problem nor your jobs cut the ice. The thing that I take into account deciding the case is your father’s case.” He warned Ms Bateman that if she breaks the law within next 3 years she would not have any opportunity of providing mitigation.

Ms Bateman got 3 point on the licence and was conditionally disqualified from driving. Besides she will have to pay £35.

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