Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Psychic holistic event

Ferndown village hall will become a home of psychics, mediums, palmists and others on Sunday.

Psychic holistic event will union different kinds of spiritualists on February 15 who will give lectures and demonstrations as well as tell your fortune, heal and put a spell on people.

An organiser Robert Broadhurst-Browne says: “Twelve years ago I went to a psychic fair and I’ve looked how they were running it. I saw that they were trying to make money out of it. As far as I’m concerned, I’m trying to help the public. You’ve got to make business as well, but you’ve got to help people.”

He says he works in this field for a while and this year it is his second event of this kind. He claims this business to have much success. The admission to the event costs £1, but the service fees vary.

Chaplain at Bournemouth University Sharon Hartwell thinks there can be a danger in such things. She fears that people believing in the things that are not real may harm themselves without even realising it.

“Say for example they were very ill and instead of going to a doctor, they decided that some spell or crystals could make them better.

“If you are dealing with anything in spiritual nature, at best it could be something you will be deceived by or it could be something quite dangerous. So we have to think carefully before we get involved in spiritual things and what we’re actually looking for.”

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