Friday, February 20, 2009

Boscombe has to wait for flats

A Boscombe area renovation project is paused, as Bournemouth planning board can't get the height of the proposed development right.

Bournemouth planning board discussed a planning application of a developer Dave Wells on Monday.

It sought planning permission for the demolition of the existing buildings and their replacement with a four storey block of 46 flats on the Christchurch street frontage, extending into Gloucester Road and the erection of a separate 3 storey block of 5 flats in Wolverton Road.

After the meeting Chairman John Beesley said: "Members agreed with the Planning Officer (Stephen Clark) that in terms of height massive bulk, it was inappropriate development and it didn't respect the neighboring properties which were domestic in scale."

However, developer Dave Wells said: "We will go back and talk to the Officer. We will explain to him that he was very wrong.The buildings are the same height as the ones around it."

He said if the Officer doesn't agree he would appeal. "We'll go to the government. In the government we will come and decide the application, which they are all so frightened of."

But Chairman said that he suspects Mr Wells will come forward and do as he suggested, which was to have further pre-application advice with officers and come forward with a more appropriate scheme that they will be able to support.

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