Friday, February 6, 2009

Art Boot Sale

Eight women were warming the Study Gallery of Modern Art with their charming songs in the Poole College on Saturday.

They gathered there to promote their ensemble La Nova Singers, in a new monthly event.

Art Boot Sale invites artists of all art forms to come and sell their work in a creative way.

La Nova Singers was formed four years ago and has already become highly sought after. They are recognised for their beauty of sound, harmonies, diction and eclectic mix of music.

They gave a live concert in the gallery without any microphones. Seven of them were standing in a semi-circle and head of the group, Michelle Nova, was conducting and singing with them.

Michelle Nova, Director Conductor and soprano trained in London and is well known for her performing and teaching skills.

The group performed many beautiful songs, but 'You Raise Me Up' played magic on the audience. Quite understandably they had to sing it three times.

They study at La Nova Studios following the discipline of the Bel Canto technique. They give regular concerts throughout the South West and are regularly booked for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, festivals etc.

Bel Canto singing characteristically focuses on perfect evenness throughout the voice, skilful legato, a light upper register, tremendous agility and flexibility, and a certain lyric "sweet" timbre.

The atmosphere during the concert was very relaxed and friendly. The singers were exchanging comments and even talking to the audience.

On the other end of the gallery there was an artist working quietly. After a while she became so enchanted with their songs, she started painting the whole ensemble singing.

The audience was a bit lost afterwards. They couldn't decide whether to look at the artist painting or at the group singing!

Tamila_La_Nova_Singers from Mammj on Vimeo.

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