Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poole business organisations get together

Business organisations are going to get together today in Poole to get a better insight into the current financial situation and get tips how to move forward.

Holding this series of meetings was decided by D+R The Solution LTD that is a full service marketing agency based in Poole.

These meetings, Business Development Club, will be held every month on the second Tuesday of the month at Holton Heath Industrial Estate.

This month’s meeting will feature a talk from Sue Baker from Clarity Financials and will cover managing the financial elements of business in these testing times.

Bryan Benjafield, Operations Manager of D+R The Solution LTD, said: “The idea of the meeting came from the current financial climate. It was the brainchild of David Dean who is the Managing Director here and we hope that it will help business in Dorset come together a bit and lend a bit of support to each other.”

They have been using their own business development programmes for over 10 years to help the businesses grow, but now they have to focus on not letting the businesses fall into an economical slump.

Mr Benjafield said: “We feel it is important to help businesses in these challenging times with a view of all Dorset businesses mucking in to help get through and help each other.”

They have also recently been involved with launching a scheme called Buy Dorset (www.buydorset.co.uk), which is an online database for Dorset Businesses.

The companies can post their details for free as long as they sign a pledge to try to source as much of their materials and products and work wherever possible with other Dorset businesses.

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