Friday, March 6, 2009

Daisy Boman’s sculptures displayed in Westover Gallery

Sculptures loaded with philosophy of life by Daisy Boman are displayed in Bournemouth Westover Gallery.

In her sculptures figures climb, interact with each other, fall, crawl and run mostly in groups, making people see what we have to live through to survive in a cruel world.

As you see them you can’t escape thoughts about all the challenges and traps that we have to overcome if we want to achieve something.

On one of her wall sculptures “Imagine” there are figures crawling from left bottom corner towards right top corner pushing each other to make their way up.

As you see this sculpture you feel small, as if you imagine yourself between these figures. You think over and over again whether you had such a struggle in your life to achieve your goals.

And lucky you if you see that you have found your way up without pushing someone down. Or unlucky you who have not achieved anything and you have all of this challenging way ahead.

Boman’s figures are all the same colour and the same shape. You realize that for her the colours and races doesn’t matter. She tries to make us see that we are “from the same mould” conditioned by the society we live in.

Her figures might make you laugh when you first see them, but look closer and you will quickly discover how serious they are.

Boman’s another wall sculpture is “Time To Go Higher”, which again shows figures crawling up, but this time there is more optimism in it.

There is a rope ladder on it and figures are trying to push themselves up, but at the top there is one figure that is looking back and reaching out its hand to help another figure.

This sculpture makes you feel that not everything is so bad and there are people in this world who still care about others and who are trying to make the world a better place to live.

There is one more sculpture by Boman in Westover gallery that attracts lots of attention. It was a brick of marble with two figures on top of it. They have their arms around each other’s shoulders and you see that they are having a heart to heart conversation.

It’s not possible to identify their sex and the reason is quite obvious. For Boman sex doesn’t matter either.

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