Friday, January 30, 2009

Drinks for 99p

Bournemouth pubs and bars are expected to start decreasing prices on alcohol after the Bournemouth Townwatch meeting on 4 February. 

At the moment, most of them have an agreement not to offer drinks below £1.50 supported with the idea of avoiding disorder in the town.

Night Time Economy Co-ordinator Jon Shipp says: “In principle the fixing of alcohol retail prices is not possible legally and for that reason Townwatch has decided to review this, and at the same time to look at the Responsible Operating Policy (ROP) as a whole, within which the indication of maintaining reasonable pricing is contained. The ROP has now been re-written by a sub-group and it will be forwarded to all members prior to the 4th February where it’s expected to be ratified." 

JD Wetherspoon pub The Moon in the Square, which isn’t signed up to the agreement, is already offering bottles of San Miguel and pints of IPA real ale for 99p.  

The Old Firestation manager Sam Cox says they won’t decrease prices even if they have to compete with the rivals offering drinks at lower prices.

Although Old Firestation is a member of the Townwatch, Sam Cox denies having the agreement about the price, saying: “As a trade group, Townwatch cannot set a minimum price for it's members to sell drinks at. Townwatch has a Responsible Operating Police, which all members agree follow. It is this policy, which is being reviewed at the Townwatch AGM next month."

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