Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Open Day in Winton Christadelphian Church

Christadelphians are a religious group who base their beliefs wholly on the Bible, regarding it is fully inspired by God.
The Church was founded over 150 years ago by English Doctor John Thomas. He took the decision to devote his life to learning the truth about the life and the death when he was about to die in a ship crash.
Paul Tarrant, the member of the Winton Christadelphian Church says: ‘’ whoever believes and is baptized shall be saved. When we say ‘’believe’’ we mean to say that you read the Bible and you learn about it as much as you possibly can and you believe what you have read is true.’’
The Church has many activities involving people of different age.
‘’ On Sunday mornings we have communion service that is breaking a bread where the actual Christadelphian members partake a piece of bread and a sip of wine.
‘’ On Monday evenings there is mutual improvement where young members learn how to give a talk anda how to read the Bible or how to be a chairman.
‘’On Tuesday mornings ladies give a coffee meeting where they invite people from outside.
‘’Thursday is the day for mums and toddlers and for the bible class where the speaker gives a talk about the Bible followed by a discussion.’’
The Christadelphians reject toddler baptism and Mr. Paul Tarrant explains why: ‘’ we believe that a person should first believe the Bible and then baptize. So as the toddler can’t do this, we don’t accept toddler baptism.’’
The other differentiating point of the Christadelphian Church from the other Churches is the ceremony of the baptism itself. ‘’During baptism a person buries the body totally in the water and we believe that after this the person is cleared from the sins.’’
Winton Christadelphian Church invites the people on open days to listen to the speaker talking about the Bible making the messages of the Bible clearer to them.

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